Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild Rice River in Winter January 27, 2010

Another sunshiny day here in North Dakota and quite cold. I took a run to town and on my way home I stopped to shoot this beautiful barn: I also took some of the Wild Rice River that the farmstead sits next to. As I was going thru the photos and playing with the black and white on some I got to thinking about how the river and the barn would look in spring. That thought led to planning to shoot both in each season. There are other ordinary spots, fantastic trees,old barns, buildings, parks and so on that could be photographed each season. I'm going to start a list and if I need inspiration for my pic one day I can just check my list.

This pic a day project has been great so far, early into it yet I know. I always have my camera and both lenses with me. If I hadn't today, I would not have driven back to the old barn and the river bank. It's a peaceful, quaint spot to visit and today, just what I needed. Shooting in manual has become much more comfortable. I even figured out the little meter in the viewfinder and I can change my settings without taking my eye away from the viewfinder! I have much to learn and for me doing is the best teacher.



  1. I just love the blk/wht of the old barn with the shadows on the snow. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks! There are some that I like better in color and then there are those that just need to be black and white don't they. Blessings to you as well~