Sunday, January 17, 2010

The table is Set~January 16, 2010

The table is Set~, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

Last week I shoveled a path thru two feet of snow to my bird feeders out back. I wanted to bring them to the front of the house hoping to entice some of my feathered friends back to my yard. I rescued my best feeders and filled them, hung them in the tree out front and waited. And waited. The feeders are still full after several days. Not even a squirrel has ventured near. I will continue to wait, to hope that the birds will slowly find their way to the feeders.

I can be like the birds at times. There is a banquet set for me. Psalm 23 says God prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies! Yet I am too busy, too comfortable or too proud to come and feast at the Kings table. The Lord has promised to provide for my every need. We ask Him for our daily bread and then break our back trying to provide for our selves. We live in loneliness, fear, despair, grief, poverty and defeat when God has fellowship, peace, hope, joy, abundance and victory waiting for us. His table is set, would that I go to His table, to His Word, to Him for all that I need this day, everyday.



  1. Beautiful, comforting words and such a peaceful picture of your feeders in the snow. Blessings to you this week.

  2. Thanks Mildred! Blessings to you as well~

  3. Ask Him for our daily bread and then break our backs trying to provide for ourselves,no truer words have been spoken. Hope you have a blessed Sunday.