Thursday, January 7, 2010

sun on the snow January 7, 2010

sun on the snow, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

Yesterday we had snow, snow, snow, falling, falling, falling. Today the wind was still blowing but the sky was clear of clouds and it was the temps that were falling, falling, falling. We are well below zero here, add some wind and you have "quick freeze your skin" conditions! The older I get the more I dislike the cold and the more I feel it in my bones.

So on this very cold day, what do I do? I head outdoors with my camera! And not just once but three times I went chasing sun dogs! That's what a good cold clear day is good for. The last walk took me to the edge of town where across the field I could view the sun dogs and the sunset. The wind still blew snow across the drifts and the setting sun kissed the snow with pinks and orange. Such a beautiful goodbye to the day! I'm glad I didn't sit indoors bemoaning the cold and wishing for warm temps. Instead I opened my eyes and found surprises!

You can see more sun dog and winter pics on my flickr acct. Just click the link!


  1. Your pictures are all so pretty. (I clicked on the link.) Georgia had a dusting of snow but our temps are not nearly as cold as yours. Thanks for braving the cold and sharing the awesome beauty of your area with us. Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you braved the cold to take them. Is the wind chill there really -52? That's WAY too cold. Be careful is you go outside.

  3. beautiful sun dogs..stay warm!
    I spoke to the Community Ed program in Park Rapids today..hopefully you will hear from them..I am interested in a class as are a few of my cousins!! If you don't hear from them soon..let me know I will call them again! :)

  4. I was wondering about my sanity yesterday, traipsing around in the cold and yes the wind chills were -50! Today is a little better, less wind. Anyway, looking at the pics, it was worth braving the cold!

    Connie, thanks and I will stay in touch!