Friday, January 8, 2010

Sun Kissed Birch January 8, 2010

I love the white of the birch tree. Especially against the blue of the winter sky. We had a glorious sunset tonight but I live in the city limits and there are houses that obstruct my view and it was toooo cold to go hiking to the edge of town. I started looking around to see where the light was landing. Not much right by the house, too many houses and trees across the street. I looked up at my mother in laws birch tree and those beautiful white trunks were sunset kissed. They seem to be reaching toward the sun, soaking up and savoring the suns rays.

Even tho I was unable to enjoy the entire sunset due to the clutter between me and the sun, I still got a glimpse of it. This image, the trees touched by the light of the sun had a lesson for me today.

I can't see all of heaven, there is too much clutter between me and my heavenly home. There are the distractions of life, of living, of making a living and the constant pull of the world for my time and attention. But every now and then I get a glimpse of heaven, a reminder of all that is waiting for me. It may be in the smile of a friend, the helping had of a neighbor or the kind words of a loved one. The words of a song lift my heart to heaven or a passage of scripture take me to the heart of my Heavenly Father. All around there are glimpses of heaven, reminders that I am undeniably, indescribably, unconditionally loved. One day I will not only see; I will experience heaven. For today a glimpse is enough.


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  1. Gorgeous! And great thoughts...some day soon we will be with our Savior!