Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waiting to Drop

Waiting to Drop, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

The trees in our front yard are full of these seeds. The leaves all fall off before winter hits but these seeds hang on tight! They're pretty hanging on the tree in clusters and contrast beautifully against a bright blue winter sky. I know however that once the snow is gone, the grass turns green, new leaves and new seeds appear on the tree, the old seeds will finally fall to the ground. And then, I will be pulling up baby trees all summer long from my flower beds, the curb, the sidewalk, even the rain gutters. Anywhere the seeds may land!

As a Christian, I am kinda like this tree, I have seeds of faith to share with the world around me. For a season I may hold on to them, sometimes tightly, stubbornly. It's my prayer that I would release those seeds of faith, of encouragement and blessings. I pray they are more plentiful than those on my trees and that they land everywhere in hearts and lives that need a touch of heaven. May they find soil where they can put down roots and grow and in due season, repeat the process!


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