Friday, January 1, 2010

Something New! January 1, 2010

Squiggles, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

I have so enjoyed getting acquainted with my new camera the past several months. Shooting with a DSLR is so very different from shooting with my little point and shoot. I use the Auto setting most of the time but venture out every now and then to the M setting. In Colorado, I tried to get the smooth looking water, some of them turned out fine. Today we celebrated Christmas with my oldest son and his new wife. I found the "bulb" setting and we had fun playing!

It's good to step outside one's comfort zone, to try something new, to learn something new. We have a brand new year ahead and it's like a field of freshly fallen snow. Each day we can leave a footprint in the snow. Where shall we step today and what new things will we experience? I want to explore the entire field, leave my prints all over the place. I don't intend to miss a thing.