Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coffee Time! January 10, 2010

Coffee Time!, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

I so enjoy the weekends! I try not to have to be anywhere. I sleep in, stay in my jammies and brew a pot of coffee that I can drink at my leisure. I started drinking coffee when I was just a kid. I would go visit my grandma after school and she loved it that I would have coffee with her! Sometimes that coffee had been in the percolator for hours. We would go visit an old fella that my dad rented land from and he always insisted that we have coffee and a gingersnap. It was instant and very very thick! We still refer to strong coffee as "Oscar Coffee"! Probably why I like my coffee strong and black.

When I go visit my mom, one thing I can count on is a pot of egg coffee while I'm there. Egg coffee is made by mixing one third cup coffee grounds with one egg. Bring 4 cups water to a boil in your coffee pot and then add the egg mixture. A glass or old enamelware coffee pot make the best coffee. Watch closely as the coffee has a tendency to boil over. Once it will boil with out going over the top, let it boil a couple minutes. The coffee should go from cloudy to clear. Remove from heat and let the grounds settle. Pour the coffee thru a mesh strainer and enjoy! You can adjust the recipe to taste.

So is the coffee on?



  1. I have NEVER heard of "egg coffee!" Is this a brew that your mom invented?

  2. Hey Wendy, thanks for stopping by! No my mom can't take credit for it. I may have to do a little digging and write another post soon. I was thinking I should photograph a steaming cup for the blog. Till then!

  3. Interesting post & nice picture of the coffee beans. I'd never heard of egg coffe. It was nice to learn about that as well as to hear about your experience as a child with your grandmother. Those memories are nice to have. I think I'm going to have to stay with my regular coffee, though. :) Have a great day!