Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pink Glass January 9, 2010

Pink Glass, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

Something a little different today. A piece of my antique pink depression glass. I have many pieces of the pink, a few of the green, a couple of gold and two of the deep blue. I remember my grandmothers having and using the pretty bowls and plates. We would have sauce in the little green bowls. Sweet salad was presented in the pretty pink bowl. They were used only for special occasions and handled very carefully.

I have a couple pieces that had belonged to my grandmothers, the rest I have purchased or received as gifts. I use them whenever I can, I so enjoy them! We all have treasures. Some things may be valuable in dollars but if we never use them, look at them, enjoy them, that's a shame! I hope your treasures bring you pleasure!



  1. Nice photo, Faylin. So true about our treasures. I have a lot of glass pieces that were my mom's, but I rarely use them. I guess I'm afraid something will happen to them and then I won't have them around. Maybe sometimes it's good just to be able to look at things and enjoy them too.

  2. If you enjoy looking at them, cherish the memories they trigger.... Wonderful!!

  3. So glad you use your Windsor pink depression glass, Faylin. I recently sold several pieces to a lady who said she kept her glass in a closet and never used it.

    Why oh why would you do that? Enjoy the connection to the past and use the glass that others used before you.