Monday, January 4, 2010

Bowl full of Sugar January 4, 2010

Bowl full of Sugar, originally uploaded by picturethepromises.

Here in ND we had another cloudy dreary day. That makes shooting outdoors hard. The snow looks gray, the sky is gray, trees, roads even houses are gray. So what to find to shoot inside without the wonderful sunlight I had yesterday. I don't like to use my flash so how do I get enough light? I wanted a little more than the ceiling lights will give me and I don't have a soft box. However, I do have an Ott-Light.. I have not tried this before but I think it worked ok. I set the bowl of leftover candy under the light and used the manual setting on my camera. I like the result. That's the point of this project. To learn, learn, learn!

It is the middle of winter, there will be plenty of dreary days, I will probably do this again!


  1. I love the picture and it is interesting to hear about how you achieve the look. Just this afternoon I bought a big bag of candy similar to this to put in an antique clear green candy jar!

  2. Thank you Mildred! I think your candy in the antique jar sounds like a great photo! I like candy and buy it to eat, but I always wonder how I could photograph it too!

  3. I hate grey did great with the lighting on this one.. I find that good lighting is the foundation of a good photo. Excellent photo! :)