Monday, October 31, 2011


Just a quick shot tonight, the "spooky" ghost trio in the yard across the street, they are life size!


Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today's moment, Mason was quite somber all day but when he saw I was going to take his pic, he stopped what he was doing, looked straight at the camera, smiled and posed for me. This is the only smile I got all day, I continued taking pics but I guess there was only this one smile he would share with me today. So glad I captured this moment! Mason is one of two sweet little great nephews I have. I am looking forward to Jimmy visiting from Alaska in a few weeks. I hope he has at least one smile for me too!


Old Iron

Saturday's moment (October 29th). Took a short walk around mom and dads farm place. I love this place, full of old treasures; rusted cars, vintage machinery, weathered buildings a windmill and this wonderful old bed frame. I love this piece, dad said I could have it, one day I'll bring it home with me and put it in my flower bed for viney things to climb up.


October 28

Friday''s moment (October 28th). As I traveled north to visit my mom and dad this huge mushrooming cloud was in front of me. It was fun to watch the changes and made my trip go faster. Eventually I met it and as I passed it, a little rain did fall!

My Nuthatch

Thursdays moment October 27th, a quick nuthatch at my feeder, but today I was quick too!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Dakota Sky

I had some errands to run in Fargo today. The skies were amazing. I pulled off at an exit and took a a few pics. I like this one, a little land a lot of sky!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today's moment, one spent with my feathered friends. I never tire of the chickadees


Monday, October 24, 2011

A Gathering

Stopped by Chahinkapa today to see the geese. There were so many and it was a pretty fall afternoon. I was so excited about the potential good pics I got but when I got home and uploaded them they were not as clear and sharp as I'd have liked. This isn't my best work but it certainly was a moment in my day.


Sunday, October 23, 2011


I put out peanuts the other day in the hopes of attracting the Blue Jays. Today one stopped by. I expected him to take the peanuts, someone had been eating them. Instead he was on the large feeder filling his gullet with the finer bird seed. Maybe the squirrels and chipmunks ate the peanuts.......

Morning Gold

My backyard, my grape vines, sunkissed on Saturday morning. We have had a most lovely fall with dry sunny days and only a couple of nights with freezing temps. Saturday proved to be a beautiful day with temps in the 60's. Warm for October in ND. This was the moment I most enjoyed the wonderful day, I spent most of it at my sewing machine sewing strips together for weaving rugs.....orders for Christmas..... I know that soon, it will look much different as we begin to get snow and that snow begins to pile up. When it does, I'll pull up this pick and think about this day.


A Very Present Danger

I'm a couple days behind in posting my daily pics. This is Fridays pic. I love watching my birds in the back yard. Unfortunately, so do the town cats. This guy was prowling about around my back yard Friday. He posed for his mug shot before turning tail and racing off. He looks just like the cat I saw at my girlfriends a week earlier a few miles out of town. He looks just like our house cat too, except meaner.....


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mr. Chicken

Today I went to visit a good friend of mine. She's got chickens! We spent a bit of time hanging out by the fence watching the chickens and visiting. The roosters were crowing, the hens were clucking and we were too, it was a real hen party! I watched my friend fill a basket with pretty brown eggs and she was so sweet to send a dozen home with me. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. I have not gone visiting in years but today I had the best time! Hope to do that again soon!


My Little Chickadee

Yesterday's post. I got the photo taken but didn't get to posting til now. I love my birds, my Chickadees are some of my favorites. They don't often sit still long enough for me to get a photo so I'm really tickled to get this!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me

I filled my feeders for the first time in months yesterday. It didn't take my birds long to find the sunflower and other bird seeds. Today I changed my lens for the first time in months too. Put my 55-200 lens on. I still needed to crop this a bunch but I love the sweet little birdies.

For some reason, the photos on the blog are not real clear, they're a bit blurry. If you click on the photo, it will take you to a clearer pic.

Monday, October 17, 2011

River Winding

A beautiful fall day and a look at the Wild Rice River. Loving the long mild fall we've been having! Glad I could take a moment to enjoy it.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sweet Treat

Today's moment is a sweet little treat, fresh strawberries and real whipped cream in one of my new dessert dishes. They are new to me but they are antiques. I won them in an auction at church today. They were new when a sweet friend of mine was a new bride nearly 55 years ago. She started to tell me about the tables being set with white table cloths and the newly acquired glassware for a celebration for her and her new groom. We were interrupted so I hope to hear the rest of the story soon!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Loom Full!

I've been weaving and weaving! My loom is officially full! I've never woven till the rugs meet the beater bar. This batch is woven using old clothing like tshirts, sweats, denim jeans and khaki's. I love that I can recycle or upcycle, keeping all those things out of a landfill. I love even more that I am carrying on an old craft, weaving just like my grandmother did. Now I need to get them off the loom and get them tied. I think I'll put in an old movie and sit and tie and tie and tie!


Lisa's Barn

I was headed to the river, I knew there was a big old barn there that I had photographed before. As I drove past my friends drive way I looked down the path and saw their beautiful old barn and the antique tractor sitting in front of it. I drove a little further and then decided to turn around. This was too cool to pass up. Stirs up images from my child hood. My dad's cousin had an old white barn, and we used old tractors similar to this when I worked in the fields with my family.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the Prowl

Busy day today, as I was driving to Fargo, I stopped by a friends farmstead to take a pic of their neat old barn. As I was shooting I heard a mewing in the trees and soon this cat came and walked past me. He was on the hunt but I snapped a couple pics before he got away. Looks just like my cat Misty. If I didn't know Misty was home safe in the house (indoor cat only) I would have thought this was her!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still a Little Color

I live less than 1 mile from the Red River of the North, I went down to the river today and was delighted to see there was still some leaves left on the trees and a bit of color. This winding river looks peaceful and calm right now. Come spring it will be many feet higher and swift moving. The river has caused slumping on this side of the river at Fort Abercrombie Historical Site. We loose a few feet of the grounds every spring......

Again it's not clear here on the blog but if you click the photo, it takes you to a better image


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Fall Gerba

It is a gorgeous fall day here in ND. Temps near the 70 degree mark, couldn't ask for a nicer October day. I love fall, my favorite time of year. I love the colors of the changing leaves and the way they crunch underfoot when you walk on them. I love my few last blooming flowers. Those that hold on to summer as long as they can. My Gerba Daisys will continue to bloom til the hard freeze. Today this bee loved my daisy too. What could be better than gathering a late harvest of pollen on a sun warmed daisy on this Indian Summer afternoon. Well, photographing it might be better.....


Monday, October 10, 2011

The Duck Pond

Ran some errands today so I stopped by Chahinkapa Park in Wahpeton. Lots of geese and ducks on the other side of the park but only a handful of ducks at the duck pond. Enjoyed a lovely afternoon.

Just a note, I'm not sure why the photos look blurry on the blog. Click the image to get a clearer look. If anyone has any ideas as to why they look blurry and what I could do differently, I would love to hear from you!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Fresh Start

I've taken over a year off from my blog. I've gotten lazy with my camera. I've felt that since I don't leave near the mountains, the ocean, a lake or even some hills I didn't have anything great to photograph. I miss my camera, I miss the thrill of the hunt for a good photograph. I may have lost most if not all of my readers. Time for a new start. I live in a beautiful world that I take for granted. Taking the time to photograph a moment of my day, each day if possible, will hopefully help me see again the beauty that surrounds me. My goals, take a pic everyday and in so doing, regain an appreciation for the blessings I've been given as well as learn, see something in the ordinary that others may not see, photograph it and share it with the world.

This is my beautiful back yard.