Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thinks He's Hiding February 16, 2010

Thinks He's Hiding, originally uploaded by pictureapromise.

As I was watching the sky in the west, checking for the possibility of a good sunset I noticed some birds in a tree that didn't really look like sparrows. Grabbed my binoculars and to my delight saw that there were 6-8 Cedar Waxwings in my front yard! This tree is a bit farther from the house and I took the photos thru the window so as not to scare them away. Not the best so I am hoping they return soon. I took some frozen gooseberries out and put them on the dehydrator along with some blueberries. When they've dried I'll put them out in hopes of bringing the Waxwings closer and maybe a Blue Jay or two and who knows who else may stop for a snack! This is my first Waxwing photo!



  1. Very nice picture - I sure enjoy your bird pictures since with the dogs and cats we have we don't have many birds and therefore I don't have birdfeeders...

  2. I will continue to try and capture and post as many as I can for you then! Have a great day:)