Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raspberry Red February 25,2010

Raspberry Red, originally uploaded by pictureapromise.

Picked these up in the grocery store, a little spendy this time of year but worth every penny, delicious. Tastes like summer.

When I started this project, I couldn't have taken this pic. Just took it in my kitchen 9 pm no extra lighting no flash. I've learned to use my Manual mode on my camera! Yeah me :D Toyed some with other settings like picture control, set it on Vivid. Upped the exposure compensation and adjusted the shutter speed til I got what I wanted. I used the tripod, I need to get more comfortable with it as well. That's why I'm doing this project. Even when I don't feel like taking a picture I pick up the camera and find something. Not just anything, something I'm not too embarrassed to post here.

I am also learning more about self-discipline. It is a matter of choice. My choice. When I chose self-discipline there are great rewards!


oh, and the only editing I did was to hit the auto contrast/auto color and cropped it a little in picasa.


  1. Mmm. Makes my mouth water! What gorgeous shades of red.

  2. This is a beautiful picture -- you can see every little bit of those raspberries.... they sure look delicious...

  3. Lovely raspberries! I have a cousin that has a U Pick near Frazee, MN..I picked enough to last all winter..I sharp froze them and put them in individual serving in ziplock bags in the freezer..we are really enjoying them this winter.. at least twice a week..summer goodness is extra special in the winter:)

  4. I know, that's why I paid a gold mine for this pint. My son ate the whole thing, so I bought another!