Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring is coming! February 11, 2010

Spring is coming!, originally uploaded by pictureapromise.

Each day I see these sweet little birds at my feeders. Today I notice how much more yellow they are. They stand out in the trees away from the house more and more. A sure sign that this winter will not last forever. A sign that spring is coming, warmer brighter days are ahead!

In life sometimes we feel as though the cold dark days we are existing in will never end. That the way things are today, right now is how they will always be. Not so, just like winter days pass and spring begins so too with the darker seasons of our lives. There are signs of change about us if we actively seek them. If you find hope nowhere else, there is always hope in God's Word. Spend time there, God's Spirit will bring encouragement, direction, peace and hope. And when spring comes again, continue to spend time reading your Bible, store it up, find strength there for as sure as spring is coming, so is another winter in it's time.


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