Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Night Moon March 1, 2010

Good Night Moon, originally uploaded by pictureapromise.

It was a busy day with work, a trip into town, orders to fill, supper and so on. Bed time and I have not yet taken my pic for today. What to do, I was tempted to skip it, to post a pic from yesterday or 2 years ago! The reason I started this project was so that I would take at least one picture every day. Not a random snapshot of the back of my couch or whatever was handy, but a thought out photo that would stretch my abilities. A photo I'd be proud to say I'd taken. So far, I am very pleased with most of my photos.

I've tried to photograph the moon many times. It's kinda tricky. This is my best to date and I am pleased to share it with you. I love the moon, always have. Nothing compares to playing hide and seek with your friends in the moon light except maybe kissing your fella!

Do something everyday that stretches you, for in stretching you grow!



  1. You did great, the moon is really tricky to photograph. Of course you have a great camera..I have to use a tripod..and mine are still a work in progress:)

  2. Beautiful photograph of the moon Faylin. I love the moon's so nurturing and heavenly. Your blog and writing is so uplifting and truly a gift of God! Cathy

  3. That is one of the best pictures I've seen anyone take of the moon.What mm lens did you use? Have a blessed evening Marilyn

  4. You did a wonderful job! It is a beautiful but interesting picture!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments! Glad you enjoy the blog.

    Cathy, thank you, that is my desire!

    Marilyn I used my 55-200 with the tripod. I cropped it pretty good but there was no other post processing.