Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reflection March 16, 2010

Finally we see the sun! This was day 11 of NO sun whatsoever. This evening when it finally came from behing the clouds I was so excited! I couldn't sit in the house any longer. Felt so wonderful to be outdoors and it turned out to be a fantastic eveing for photos. It was still and the light was perfect. You can see more of my sunset reflection on the swollen river pictures on flikr in my "Red River Valley Flood 2010" set. I don't get to the lake in the summer so I took advantage of all this water we have right now! A flood is not fun, it's dangerous, it's destructive and for some it can be life threatening and devastating. Tonight however, I found beauty in the reflections of the trees and the sunset. Trials come into our lives unwelcome and unbidden, sometimes they flood our lives with pain, fear and upset. What causes distress for us God will use for our good and at some point we will find beauty, and in His time he will bring calm and peace and the reflection others will see will be of Christ in us.
If you're life is flooded with struggles and trial, trust the Father, He can and will do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think!
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  1. Wonderful reflection..I hope you are safe from the rising water:)