Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Buds! March 22, 2010

My grandma always kept geraniums in soup cans (instead of flower pots) on a shelf by the window in her dining room all winter long. There were always blooms, I have pics of a Christmas get-together and there were geraniums blooming! I try to bring in a few each fall and have had them bloom for me at Christmas as well. This winter I did not bring them in but have this one my sis gave me years ago, it is blooming for me now just in time for spring. Funny sometimes the things we remember, the traditions we find ourselves enjoying and the connections we have to loved ones. You may not have a geranium in a soup can on your window sill but I hope that you enjoy some little tradition that brings pleasant memories of the past and loved ones passed on. If not, it is never to late to start a tradition!

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  1. You've inspired me to grow some geraniums!!

  2. I'm glad Kerri, they really are easy plants to have! Have a good day :D