Monday, March 29, 2010

March 26, 2010 Afloat

Last falls leaves on the spring pond. I visited Wisconsin this weekend, beautiful spot and beautiful weather. There's a small man made lake for swimming in the summer. It has jus a bit of water in it right now, mostly snowmelt perhaps, they'll fill it later. On the surface were scattered last falls oak leaves. I don't have an oak tree, don't see them around town. I learned this weekend that many of the leaves stay on the trees all winter even thru wind, storms, rain and blizzards! A friend told me that often they won't fall off til the new ones come. There's a spiritual lesson there, if we want new in our lives, we have to get rid of the old! After a winter of snow cover I found the leaves to be soft and pliable instead of crisp and crumbly like the leaves in my yard. It was like they had just fallen off the tree! I took a long walk around the grounds thru the woods, loved the sound of the leaves as they rustled under foot and the smell of the ground and the forest waking up from the long winter. Feels good to wake up after a nap, rested, energized, refreshed, ready to go and grow!! I'm glad spring is here, I'm ready to go!
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