Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Symbol of Faith March 10, 2010

I love churches, they symbolize faith. The faith of our fathers, the faith of those who left behind England and journeyed to a new world so that they could freely practice their faith and Worship the one true God. The faith of those who left the east to journey west in search of a better life to find great trial and danger, hard work and meager posessions. The faith of my great grandparents who left Norway and Sweden to find them selves in northern Minnesota enduring bitter cold winters with not much shelter, making friends with the Indians and building a life and a heritage that would one day belong to me. The faith of a grandmother, of two grandmothers who prayed and believed God would answer, of parents who have worked and struggled and endured great loss. Each church reminds me of MY faith. Faith that God has blessed me with, put in my heart. I pray that that faith not be lost with me but that my children and grand children have their own personal faith in the God of creation, a relationship with the Savior Jesus. I pray that for you too dear reader, the churches are symbols of our faith, the faith does not dwell within it's walls. The bible says that God does not dwell in the temples built by the hands of men. Rather the Spirit of God dwells in the heart of man. He dwells in my heart, I pray you allow Him to dwell in yours.

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