Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 15, 2010 Sammy's Barn

Today in spite of the clouds and the fog, I took my camera with me to town and on the way home I stopped and photographed every bridge that was under or about to go under if I could get to it! Spring flood season is upon us, the rivers are rising as are the creeks, gullies, and ditches. Not only are the rivers flooding their banks overland flooding is taking it's toll as well. This barn is just one example of what yards and farmsteads look like in the area. While it makes for a beatiful reflection image it tells the story of more frustration, destruction and damage. Hopefully won't be as bad as last year but the word flood speaks.....too much, more than we want, more than we know what to do with sometimes!

Trus you are safe and dry wherever you may be and if you too are in the midst of a struggle, take heart, the Father is at hand to give added strength, wisdom, perserverance and even deliverance!~Blessing
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  1. What a beautiful picture,Faylin! I absolutely love Barns!