Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 9, 2010 Against the Blue Sky

Today they were decorating the gym for prom so I couldn't take my daily walk on my lunch break. My son would have been so embarrassed if mom was making laps while they were trying to decorate! Instead I took my phone (so I could watch the time) and my camera. Beautiful day in April. The hike around the ball diamond and the school property was just about right for time and when I got to the front of the school there was Mr. Robbin in the tree. I still haven't gotten that longer zoom lens I'd like so this is a fairly tight crop. Something about that orange breast against the blue sky. Say spring to me! Hope you can take the time to walk around the block, drink in the fresh air, listen to the birds and "see" with your heart all that is around you. Blessings~
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