Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010 Petals

I have always loved roses! My grandmother and my mother both had rose bushes. Grandma Ida had a yellow climbing rose with the prettiest, most fragrant roses. A friend, Pearl had one with beautiful light pink roses. Mom's wasn't a climbing rose, just a bush with vibrant deep pink flowers. I got a shoot from her years ago, NOTHING smells as wonderful as those old fashioned roses. I often scour the clearance areas of stores to see if they have fresh flowers on sale. Often they do and I usually get some and enjoy them while they last. When I look at the way the petals are folded together it is amazing. The creator has caused the bush to form a bud with dozens of petals each carefully folded and tucked tightly in place til the time comes to slowly and gently open to reveal it's secrets. Were you or I to try with our hands to carefully tuck all those petals into such a small tight space we just couldn't do it with the precision of the creator. God put so much creativity into the rose, so many colors, varieties, scents and sizes. All that for something that is here today and gone tomorrow. The bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Examine your fingerprint, it's one of a kind, study your own eyes, the colors and flecks, consider all the knowledge you have gained and is stored in your mind. As wonderful and fascinating as the rose is, it does not compare with God's most precious creation, you and I.
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  1. I love roses, too, just can't grow them! Found your blog and am enjoying it. I leave comments on a number of blogs and when I got to yours I found you ended with 'Blessings', well, I have done that for awhile and I really didn't steal it from you, it's just what I feel.

    I enjoy your pictures, esp. birds as I'm a bird watcher and photographer, too. Last, but absolutely not lease, I am a lover of my Lord and Savior, too. So from West Texas to you....
    Blessings! CottonLady

  2. Hello there! I'm very glad you found my blog and that you are enjoying it! I know what you mean about ending with Blessings~ I really do want the Lord to shower blessings on anyone who passes this way, I know you didn't steal it! Birds really can bring us so much joy! I am anxious for some of the migratory birds to begin showing up. I've not yet visited Texas but hope to some day. Love it so much when I get to met sisters in Christ whether in person or via the 'net. Glad to call you friend.

    Blessings from North Dakota!