Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16, 2010 A Moment Remembered

We attended our sons FFA spring banquet and shared our table with a family with 4 young children. My baby is nearly 18 so watching an 18 month old was a hoot! At this point he entertained himself by pushing the plaque over with one finger, standing it back up and doing it again over and over. I loved his facial expressions. When my children were little, we were a busy little family, a lot going on and I confess that I did not always enjoy the stage they were in. If only we had the wisdom to not wish for the next stage. As I've gotten older and my children have gotten older I have learned to be careful about wishing away today. Instead I hope to immerse myself in the precious moments as they come. I will not pine for yesterday, that is a waste of time, I will not wish for tomorrow and easier days, they may never come, rather i will celebrate today, this moment, it is all I have.
Blessings this day~
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