Monday, August 16, 2010

August 8, 2010 Tall Pines

Tall Pines , originally uploaded by pictureapromise.

First I apologize for getting a whole week behind! I will post multiple posts in the next couple days to get caught up.

After the festival on Sunday I spent a little more time in the Itasca State Park...a fave place of mine in Minnesota. It was at least 90 and high humidity but when I'm hiking I hardly notice!

There are lots of these tall straight pines in Itasca, the previous post showed them along my hiking path. This pic shows what you see most of the time when you look straight up! When there's a wind you can hear the needles whispering, the creaking of two trees pushing against each other and you can see them sway when you look straight up. I hope you take the time to notice the details in the "forest" what ever that might be for you. I hope you recognize the beauty and extraordinary int the commonplace!


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