Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Day 6 of 365 has been a long dreary rainy day. I prefer to photograph outdoors so today was a challenge to think of something fun to photograph. I walked by my hutch and saw these leaves laying inside with my antique glassware. We picked them up in Washington state a few years ago because they were huge. This one is larger than my hand. I propped it up against a dark blue glass plate just under the hutch light. I shot in Priority mode with no flash and hand held. I like it, especially the texture of the veins. The only editing was to crop just a bit.

*note* if you click on the image you can view the original size, the textures and detail are cool!

Blessings All~


  1. Nice pic of the leaf. I struggled with what to shoot yesterday too & didn't come up with anything very good. My blog won't let me post a picture yet today. I'll have to try later. I may not post what I shot yesterday, though. It's too boring. :)

  2. Hi Faylin, I finally made it over here! I am a little slow, I met you at the Itasca Pioneer Farmers Event..I so enjoyed your wagon wheel rugs. I wanted to get over here and see what you are up to! I see you like photography also..so do I ! I started a blog just for my photos and photo challenges..a picture a day..that would be an adventure!! I also have an old photo blog that I just started recently..hey the winters are long up here!
    I am glad I kept your card and now I will bookmark your site..when I write about the wagon wheel rugs I will let you know and link to you here. I am not sure when that will be ..probably soon:) Connie