Friday, September 4, 2009

There's a Moon Out Tonight

Okay, the day is nearly done and I have no pic yet for Day 2 of 365 September 4, 2009. I grab my camera and head outdoors. Too late in the day for flower pics, so I jump in the car and head for the country road where I like to watch the sun set. Another sunset~only there are never two the same right? I took sunset pics, tons of them, some of them I really liked too. I finished up and turned around and there on the eastern horizon was a rising moon. Of course I didn't have my zoom lens or my tripod so I hurry home and grab the rest of my gear. (Always take everything because you just never know!) I got back out to my country road and got a few shots. I tried some on auto and then played with manual settings. This is something I am learning more about so it was a good exercise. There were a couple I liked but chose this one because you can see the lights on the antenna. It was one of the ones I shot in the manual mode.


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  1. You win the award for most determined photographer! Can't believe all you went through to get the shot. Surely you'll make it to the end of challenge. So great to have you along!