Sunday, September 6, 2009

Middle C

Day 4 of 365
We spent the day at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion or WMSTR in Rollag Minnesota. Steam Engines, antique tractors, horse farming, womens' activities (like lefsa, fry bread, carmel rolls, rommegrott !) log houses, a train, old time music, and tons more cool stuff to see! We stopped in the church for a little music and there was a wonderful old pump organ. I lifted the lid to the keys and found them in great condition. I've seen something similar to this done and loved it. Not original but I took the opportunity when presented. The second is my favorite, but I liked all of them.

I took over 250 photos today~can I just use them for the next 250 days? There are many fun ones I would love to share with you.........

Blessings All~

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