Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Certainty in Uncertain Times

We live in such uncertain times don't we? This is nothing new. There have been seasons in history that were prosperous, with much growth; happy times. Other seasons we recall were dark, fearful times.I love what Isaiah tells us in this verse. It reminds me that everything in this life is transient. Nothing of this world lasts forever. There are only two things that are eternal. First, God and his word. Second, the human soul.

When I consider who and what to trust, the eyes of my heart look to God and His Word. His wisdom does not change regardless of the times we live in. He has given me a written testament to His love, His will and His wisdom. It is in the pages of His eternal word that I find what is needed to tend my eternal soul. Is your day, your week, your life filled with uncertainty, spend some time in the eternal certainty of God's love. Spend a little time in His Word.


Photo by Faylin Myhre, please respect copyrights

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