Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27, 2010 A Walk in the Park

A walk in the Park, originally uploaded by pictureapromise.

A path in the woods, we don't know for sure where it leads. We can see just a little bit ahead but that's all. Our lives are like that, we are on our life path and we can see a little bit down the path but we don't know what lies around the bend. This path was mapped out for us and as we hiked we would check our map. At times we would have to choose right or left and with our map, we knew that eventually we would come back to where we began. We stayed on our path and had an enjoyable afternoon. In life we can stay on the path but for some of us it is much more satisfying to make our own path. I would have loved to cut thru the woods and explored a little more the things others had not seen. I'm like that in life a little bit too! Which ever way you walk your path, enjoy!


I'm thinking this would make a great spot to do some of my sons senior portraits. The trick will be to get him there! This is in Buffalo River State Park in Minnesota.

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