Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 11, 2010 Floating on Air

I got to spend a little time with my mom and dad when I traveled "up north" for the family reunion. Mom has this wonderful yard that is really woods they have cleaned up. There are wonderful wildflowers (mom calls them weeds) that grow mixed in with the things she has planted. When they bought the little farm these lillies were growing everywhere! They dug up some but there are still lilies along the house and another shed and in the center of the yard. This spring she sent a box full home with me so next summer I'll have them in several spots too.
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  1. These are really lovely! How neat that you'll be able to have some at your home next year too!

  2. Thanks Keri! Yes and one day when my mom is gone they will be even more special. I do hope that's not for a long time tho!