Friday, June 25, 2010

May 23, 2010 Simplicity

I love the majesty and grandeur of the mountains and the tranquility of a quiet lake at sunset. I am awed by the endlessness of the ocean and the fireworks of a summer storm. I often wish I lived somewhere else than the flat farming community of the Red River Valley. I took a walk thru a wildlife "sanctuary" with my sis in law and was reminded that there is beauty in the everyday if we but take the time to look for it, to expect it. I saw no mountains or lakes or oceans, no tall tall trees or exotic wildlife. I saw ducks and geese, swamps (walked thru some of them!) and birds. I came away physically tired but spiritually and mentally refreshed. All because I took a walk in my own back yard with my eyes open expecting to find beauty. What's in your backyard?

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