Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April 28, 2010 To My Surprise!

Every day on my lunch break I take a 20 minute walk. Now that the weather is nicer I've left the gym behind for the great outdoors. I take my music player and crank up the volume on some good old southern gospel or bluegrass music and get going. It is so nice to get out in the fresh air, sunshine and nature for that 20 minutes. Even a cold windy day beats walking in circles in the gym! A couple days ago I noticed a nest about 4 feet off the ground on this bent over tree branch. I checked inside and there were no eggs. I wasn't sure if this was a newly built nest, but didn't notice the day before. Today as I was walking I was thrilled and surprised to find a mama robbin sitting on the nest. I move slowly as close as I dared (I've started walking with my camera!) and snapped a few before she flew off. I checked the nest for eggs, none yet but I'm hopeful!
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